Why It is Essential to Use an Air Purifier in India?

Clean air is a basic necessity for leading a healthy and disease-free life. However, due to the constant degradation of air quality and the high concentration of pollutants has made it a luxury to breathe in fresh and clean air in Indian cities. 

While most of us stay concerned about the outdoor air and take precautions by wearing a mask, there are very few who avail the same defences for indoor air. One might be surprised, even alarmed but experts and environment studies have revealed that the air inside is more harmful and considerably more polluted than outdoors.

There can be multiple reasons for polluted indoor air. In most cases, it is the poor ventilation of the house that traps in the dust, dirt, and pollutants making it unfit to breathe. In a domestic setting, the repercussions of unhealthy air become even dire in the presence of infants and the elderly. With pets in the house, the pollution levels rise significantly as well. 

The easy solution lies in getting the best air purifier in India for your homes, offices and other enclosed spaces.

How does an Air Purifier Work?

The air in enclosed spaces has a high concentration of allergens like dust particles, smoke, mold, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, etc. which if breathed in regularly can cause gradual but severe damage to the respiratory system making the immune system weak and vulnerable. The air purifier efficiently removes all impurities, making the air clean and breathable again. 

The appliance consists of a filter that traps all the contaminants in the air. It acts as a sieve that collects all the impurities and allows only clean air to get circulated indoors. 

Air purifiers come emboldened by the power of HEPA filters, which are known to eliminate about 99 percent of the pollutants from the indoor air. They are made from micro-glass fibers that do a highly efficient job in keeping the air clean.

Major Health Benefits of Using Best Air Purifier in India

Installing a quality air purifier indoors has the following benefits:          

  • Air purifiers eliminate the chances of triggering asthma attacks in closed spaces
  • By removing dust, allergens and pet dander it protects the overall respiratory system
  • It removes any kind of bad odor indoor and keeps the air fresh at all times
  • The air purifier traps cigarette and tobacco smoke, successfully preventing lung damage
  • It is also known to keep the air clean of asbestos particles, which minimizes the chances of developing Mesothelioma, a kind of cancer. 
  • Air purifiers keep the air free from outdoor pollutants and fumes that often makes it way indoor. 
  • High carbon dioxide levels indoor can often cause dizziness, short breaths, headaches, drowsiness, sweating, etc. An air purifier takes care of that as well by reducing the CO2 levels. 

Which are the Best Air Purifiers in India?

Consumers more than often fall under the dilemma of which air purifier is the best for them. Not to worry, as we have enlisted a few for you to choose from. Here are the top air purifier picks to enhance your indoor air quality:

  • Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi enabled Air Purifier, TP03
  • Mi Air Purifier 2S
  • Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier
  • Mi Air Purifier 2C with True HEPA Filter
  • Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity
  • Phillips AC1215/20 Air Purifier
  • Phillips AC3257 Air Purifier

These are the few popular choices in air purifiers that you can get to breathe in clean and pollutant-free indoor air at all times, giving yourself and your loved ones the boon of a long and healthy life. 

Sources: https://genuineproductreviewsamazon.blogspot.com/2020/03/why-it-is-essential-to-use-air-purifier.html

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